Quality Programs Guide

Tailoring Quality Systems for Your Business: A Comparison to Find What You Truly Need.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on structuring the perfect quality program for your business. Our expertly crafted chart simplifies the decision-making process by clearly outlining which essential components should be included in each level of your ideal quality program: Basic, Intermediate, and Comprehensive.

Program 1 – QMS

1. Doc Control
2. Traceability/ Recall Procedures
3. Consumer Complaint Procedure
4. Internal Audit Procedure
5. Specifications
6. Non-conformance Procedure

Program 2 – People

1. Training Procedures/ Matrix
2. SOPs
3. Visitor/ Contractor Management
4. Personal Hygiene/ GMP Policy

Program 3 – Premises

1. Site security/ Food Defence  
2. Maintenance Program
3. Raw material and Finished Goods Procedure
4. Foreign Object Management Procedure
5. Pest Control Procedure
6. Waste Management Plan  
7. Chemical Management Plan   

Program 4 – Equipment

1. Tools, spares management
2. Calibration program
3. Planned maintenance
4. Can/ bottle rinsing

Program 5 – Raw Materials & Purchasing

1. Vendor Assurance Program
2. Goods receivals procedure
3. Raw Material approval & compliance

Program 6 – Manufacturing Process Controls

1. In-Line Filter Management 
2. Brewing Quality Program
3. CIP & Sanitation Procedures
4. Glass Breakage Procedures 
5. Volume/ Weight Check Procedures 
6. Allergen Management Procedures 

Program 7 – Inspection & testing

1. Sensory Program
2. Microbiology Program
3. Product Release Procedure
4. Good Laboratory Practices
5. Laboratory Proficiency

Program 8 – Packaging and Despatch

1. Packaging Specifications
2. Label/ Packaging Verification Procedure
3. Packaging Integrity Procedures

Empowering Excellence Together: Reach Out for Quality Program Training and One to One Coaching

When you need more than just guidance, our team of experienced quality professionals are here to support you every step of the way. Whether you prefer group training sessions or personalised one-on-one coaching, we’re committed to ensuring that you achieve the quality outcomes you desire.