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Providing Meaningful Quality and Food Safety Services to Suit All Scales and Budgets.

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Quality & Food Safety Experts With A Unique Passion

We provide a comprehensive range of specialised services for the brewing industry, including quality & food safety education, expert guidance, and training.

Our team of quality & food safety experts can help breweries develop tailored food safety courses, as well as create a customised quality program that meets their specific business needs.

With a focus on beer quality control and assurance, we can help breweries comply with regulations and protect their brand reputation.

Whether it’s implementing effective quality protocols or conducting staff training, our services are dedicated to ensuring the safety, excellence, and unique character of your brewery’s products.

Not a brewer? No worries. If you’re in food manufacturing, we’ve got you covered. With over a decade of varied food manufacturing expertise, we’re here to support and enhance your business

Bespoke Solutions

Who Benefits from Athena’s Quality & Food Safety Services?

Our services are ideal for breweries of all sizes and budgets, from small-scale operations to large establishments. We understand the unique challenges faced by breweries at various scales and offer tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.

No matter the size or budget, we have the ideal services to support your brewery’s success.

  • Small to large breweries

  • Small to medium food businesses

Brewers – Get Your Low Cost, D.I.Y Brewing Quality Control Program!

Crafting Your Quality Journey: Let our templates and how-to guides assist you in building a robust quality system.

See The Collection Of Food Safety Courses and Training Programs

Introducing our extensive range of courses for the brewing industry, covering everything from implementing quality programs to beer judging, audit handling, and more.

Our expert-led training ensures excellence, compliance, and adherence to high standards. We also offer customised training programs tailored to suit your specific brewery requirements.

Elevate your quality and food safety skills to the next level.

Work With Us To Ensure Your Business Stays Food Safety Compliant

Partner with us to ensure your business achieves food safety compliance effortlessly. Our expertise and guidance guarantee peace of mind, protecting your brand and reputation while meeting regulatory requirements.